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I have no idea why people want to believe I am from Shreveport. No one would want to be from Shreveport. I have always stated quite clearly that I was born and reared in the formerly great state of Texas, home of the Alamo, oil wells, and George Bush. Ya-hooo.

I was introduced to music early in life. My mom was a self-taught musician who loved the piano and often played for church services. At home the left side of the piano bench was reserved for me. I would add bass notes where I thought there should be additions. For some reason I found my additions to be hilarious. My mother, charmed by my giggle, always encouraged me to freely play along. My older sister was irritated by my abrasive notes. She was an accomplished musician and studied with Van Cliburn's mother, Rildia Bee Cliburn. Between the realities of delighting my mother and irritating my sister, I became more and more attracted to irrational harmonics.

Once I discovered my penis I could no longer focus on music. Texas was no place to live if you had a penis so it was time to leave. California was the place to be. Swimming pools, movie stars.

Then lots and lots of really great stuff started happening.

As I got older I missed the simpler life back in Texas, but I didn't miss Texas. I bought a farm in Northern California where I currently live with my husband. We raise chickens and music. And that is that is that.