Hardy Fox

Charles Bobuck

Hardy co-founded Residents Uninc in 1970. He went on to become one of the founders of The Cryptic Corporation and Ralph Records in the early 1970s. He worked with The Residents as a producer, sound engineer, and personal manager until 2016 when he sold his holdings of The Cryptic Corporation to operate a smaller music company called Hacienda Bridge Music.
Co-founder of The Residents, Bobuck worked as primary composer for the group from their beginning until 2015 when he had to withdraw from the group due to health issues. He continues to write and record music independently with childhood friend, Hardy Fox at Hacienda Bridge Music.

Hardy Fox now divides his time between creating graphics and writing stories. His recent picture book,
The Swords of Slidell, is available at the iTunes Bookstore. It is a multi-media book and features a full score by Charles Bobuck.

Charles Bobuck has caught the SUMMER OF LOVE fever.

Coming July15, 2017

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TOOK Concept

The Residents

TOOK is a collaboration between the record company, Klanggalerie, and Hardy Fox and Charles Bobuck. The partnership will create and issue unique content from less commercial projects. The titles are limited editions of 300 copies and sold only by Klanggalerie mail-order.
Childhood friends left Louisiana to join the flower children of San Francisco's Summer of Love and never left. Instead, they made art and music. They created a long string of curious projects over four decades. A version of the group is still touring and making music.

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--TOOK #1 The Swords of Slidell - August 2016 - sold out
--TOOK #2
Later Tonight - August 2016 - sold out
--TOOK #3
Missing Soldiers - December 2016 - sold out
--TOOK #4 Clank Clank Clank - May 2017 - sold out

A good starting place to learn about The Residents is the film, The Theory of Obscurity.

DVD available from Netflix

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Klanggalerie, based in Vienna, Austria, is a small music label and bookshop. Their eclectic aesthetics makes them the perfect home for off-beat artists like Charles Bobuck, The Residents, and Renaldo & the Loaf.